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Did You Know?  NEURS.com is now in 190 countries and counting. That's 95% of the world's nations. We support 18 languages, having recently added Hindi and Indonesian to the platform. Now more than 50% of the world's population can access the site in their own language. That's potentially 3 billion people! We have lots of room for growth!

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Are you an entrepreneur?  Neurs is looking for entrepreneurs such as:  female entrepreneurs, teen entrepreneurs, student entrepreneurs, college entrepreneurs, global entrepreneurs, new entrepreneurs, online entrepreneurs, and woman entrepreneurs.  Entrepreneurs are using Neurs for support, training, opportunities, education, networking, social connections, resources, school, advice, startup business, and for securing financing. loans, partners, venture capital, and other money needs.


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Here's a few reasons why you should join Neurs:

  1. Neurs pays you for your referrals through the Neurs Affiliate Program
  2. Neurs is in beta, so it's new and offers opportunity for explosive growth.
  3. The Neurs official launch is March 2014.
  4. There are millions of entrepreneurs who will become Neurs members.
  5. The Neurs Affiliate Program is free to join.
  6. You can earn unlimited income with the Neurs Affiliate Program.

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From the Neurs website:

Neurs Updates and Neurs News and Neurs Meetup Group and Review of the Neurs.com Opportunity.

NEURS LLC is a business start-up consulting firm that provides our members with advisory, educational, and financial resources through an online network (neurs.com).

Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs worldwide by providing the concepts, connections and capital they need to find, build and profit from their ideal business.

Our goal is to become the premier online meeting point for entrepreneurs, with the largest group of aspiring entrepreneurs and business providers of any company; anywhere.

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Neurs is a global network for entrepreneurs all over the world.  Everyone is welcome but must first get an invite to access the Neurs website.

Neurs has rapidly spread into many countries and cities including:  Neurs Brazil, Neurs United Kingdom, Neurs Japan, Neurs Mexico, Neurs South Africa, Neurs India, Neurs China, Neurs Saudi Arabia, Neurs Indonesia, Neurs Philippines, Neurs Canada, Neurs England, Neurs France, Neurs Spain, Neurs Germany, Neurs Russia, Neurs United States, Neurs London, Neurs Toronto, Neurs Baltimore, Neurs Berlin, Neurs Vancouver, Neurs Paris, and Neurs Madrid, Neurs Español, Neurs Netherlands, and  Neurs GreeceNeurs is a global business opportunity available in all of the major countries and continents in the World.  Be one of the first people to join the Neurs affiliate program in your country and become one of the founding members of Neurs.  Find the Neurs website for your country right now:  Neurs China, Neurs India, Neurs United States, Neurs Indonesia, Neurs Pakistan, Neurs Nigeria, Neurs Japan, Neurs Philippines, Neurs Vietnam, Neurs Egypt, Neurs Italy, Neurs Peru, Neurs Hindi, Neurs Nepal, Neurs Indonesia, Neurs Mandarin, and Neurs Colombia.

Venture capital meet Neurs! 

Neurs is a whole new concept that enables aspiring entrepreneurs get information, professional services, and most importantly find money to launch their start up business.  Neurs is a global online community designed specifically for this purpose!

To learn more about this great opportunity for entrepreneurs and venture capital firms, visit www.neursaffiliate.com

We invite you to visit Neurs, Neurs.com, or http://prosper.neurs.net to get information about our new affiliate program and global network connecting entrepreneurs worldwide, and providing business opportunities and resources for business start-ups.

The Neurs Affiliate Program is a multi-tier income opportunity for affiliate marketers, network marketing pros, online marketers, and internet marketers.

Enroll for free at www.inviteneurs.com or www.neursinvitation.com, or the new Neurs Affiliate Page at http://prosper.neurs.net.

Join the new Neurs MeetUp Entrepreneur Group, connect and meet with other Neurs affiliates, business, and marketing professionals.  

Look for our new Neurs Blog, the Neurs Business Blog at http://neursbusiness.com

Are you a Direct Seller, Party Planner, into Network Marketing, Franchiser, Business Service Provider, or a Marketing Professional, take a look at this new lead generation platform that provides targeted leads with people who are business opportunity seekers, aspiring entrepreneurs and interested in business start-ups or finding a business opportunity.  Check out the Neurs entrepreneur global community to get leads that you need to grow and build your business.  Go to Neurs Leads Generation.

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